How to make money on youtube without creating your own videos

How to make money on youtube without creating your own videos

Seriously do you want to make money on youtube without creating your own videos then you are in right place.

Enjoy Monthly Payments From YouTube without creating your own videos

1. Make money from YouTube without marketing, filming and website

2. Choose from millions of Copywrite free videos and make them yours

3. Start making money without experience or any technical knowledge

4. Receive regular payments by bank transfer direct to your bank account

If you really want to make money on youtube without creating your own videos, then this is for you…

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Most people make their own videos and earn but there is a smart way to make money on YouTube without creating your own videos with just 30 minutes weekly updates generating monthly payments from YouTube, transfer directly to your bank account – Starting Today!

As a savvy person, you will know some people are making serious money from YouTube, but do you realize how much that can be?

Let’s take an example, one of mom stay at home and put up a couple of videos, showing how she styled her daughter’s hair, which quickly went viral.

Many more other videos later on the channel name “Cute Girl Hairstyles”, makes about a MILLION dollars per year (and that’s low because other channels are pulling in THREE MILLION dollars per year).

Here’s the secret of their success

You know, there is a science behind every successful task whether it is putting Neil Armstrong on the Moon, baking a cake or make money on YouTube without creating your own videos.

If you the correct recipe you will be successful every time.

But, if you just throw a few random ingredients into a bowl and you will simply end up with a sticky mess.

And it is exactly the same with YouTube, if you stick to the provided formula, you can pretty much guarantee success.

But mess up and you will crash and burn

If you fail to make really compelling and SEO friendly title or fail to create a powerful description, you will fall down badly when setting up your keywords and tags and your video get downgraded as a result you would never get to enjoy any of those YouTube pay.

And that’s because

You really need bulletproof formula, to take you by the hand and lead you to success…

My name is Mike Williams and I have ‘CRACKED THE CODE’ to make money on YouTube without creating your own videos. I will show you exactly how I make over $10000 per month with just a few minutes of work every week. Again it is without creating own videos and no technical knowledge whatsoever.

I have created a simple program so that you can go through and see exactly how I initially set up my YouTube channel to achieve maximum views and engagement. You will learn how 30 minutes per week is all it takes to make serious cash from YouTube and soon you can start making money from YouTube just like me and many more members who have signed up and is now making thousands of dollars each month on YouTube.

Who is my program for?

It’s for YOU if you want to make money on YouTube without creating your own videos?

My ‘YouTube Secrets’ program

I am going to share with you video tutorials, covering everything you need for YouTube success…

1. Learn how to access copyright-free 25 MILLION YouTube videos for free and nothing to pay

2. How to make money on every video and get paid directly into your bank account every month

3. Learn other clever ways to reuse these videos for your own use – yes, it’s completely legal and they even provide a built-in video editor

4. Know the power of YouTube editing suite (plus the little known trick to have YouTube make videos for you

5. How to get access to thousands of hours of copyright-free music

6. A new way to get good keyword ideas

7. Learn when NOT to use the free music on YouTube – don’t miss this, otherwise, you will be losing money

8. Reverse engineering I will show you the various reasons why one of my videos is ranked so high, having already received 743,271 views and counting.

9. Simple, yet highly effective, way to make an eye-ball-grabbing title that ALSO gets you high up in the search results

10. Learn how to get your video on the first page of the searches with only three-second trick

11. Know the secrets of video descriptions

12. Find the long tail keywords plus the perfect place to put them

13. Learn how to write amazing descriptions it doesn’t get much easier than this

14. An important addition to your description, few people even know about – yet it gives an enormous boost to your rankings

15. Learn not to get penalized by YouTube for setting up your keywords and tags incorrectly

16. Learn how to communicate with your channel subscribers – it’s all about correct timing

17. Learn how to create the right tags (it is very important to boost your rankings and also keep on the right side of YouTube

18. Learn how to increase your video views without resorting to those ‘black hat’

19. Reverse engineering to easily ‘spy’ on your competitor’s videos by (and stealing valuable intel to boost your own rankings)

20. How to get more subscribers (because the more subscribers you have the better you will be ranked

21. Master in Thumbnail (you get the inside track on creating and controlling this vital viewer magnet)

22. Learn how to create playlists and use them to your full advantage.

23. Get insights of audience retention because it’s the main way YouTube judges how good your video is (and whether it’s worth their while promoting it)

24. Another key metric Engagement, YouTube uses to decide the worth of your video

25. How to manage comments and comment settings (keep in control and increase your reach and engagement)

26. Analytics, why it should never be ignored (and why it’s never too soon to start)

27. Demographics, you need to know who your viewers are, so you can give them what they want

28. The biggest FATAL mistake you will ever make with YouTube.

29. 17 More PDFs to add the final details, covering points best made in writing rather than in the videos.

And, much, MUCH more

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