Highest Extra Runs In Cricket

Highest Extra Runs In Cricket

Who don’t want extra runs in cricket without any effort, of course, opposite Team? In Test, T20 and ODI’s, extra runs are added to the batting team given by the bowling team. And at the last, these extra runs would become match decider at the crucial point of the match.

When a bowler bowls wide or no-ball, an extra run is considered and added to the batting score. Also if there is a Leg Bye or a Bye, an extra is considered. In this article, I am going to present you TOP TEN list of the most number of extras in an ODI match inning.

10)  43: Extras, England V/S West Indies in 1991: West Indies bowling attack was considered very disciplined enough in the world even though their bowlers had given 43 extras and ended up with a losing match. England chased a score of 175 runs by losing 9 wickets in 49.4 overs with 43 extras.

09) 44: Extras, Sri Lanka V/S Pakistan in 1990: The match was held at Sharjah and Pakistan scored 170 runs batting first. In reply, Sri Lanka chased down the target very easily. In this match, Pakistani bowlers had given 44 extras runs. The world’s best well-known bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waquar Younis and Mushtaq Ahmed bowled extras.

08) 44: Extras, Bangladesh V/S Scotland in 1999: In 1999 group stage match of the ICC World Cup at Edinburgh, 44 extras given by the Scotland team. Scotland bowled 11 No Balls and 26 Wide Balls in the innings which is shameful for any team. Bangladesh scored 185 runs in the innings and won the match.

07) 44: Extras, Kenya V/S India in 1999: In 1999 India scored huge 329 runs and Kenya managed to score just 235 runs and in that, 44 extra runs were given by India. Indian bowlers bowled plenty of no balls and wide balls in that innings. India won the match by a good margin, but it was not a good example of bowling.

06) 44: Extras, New Zealand V/S Pakistan in 2003: In the final of Bank Alfalah Cup in Dambulla Pakistan scored 198 runs in the first innings and New Zealand chased it easily. The poor Pakistan bowling had given 44 extras and helped New Zealand to achieve the target much more easily.

05) 46: Extras, Pakistan V/S Kenya in 2011: In World Cup 2011 Pakistan batted first and the inexperienced bowling line Kenya bowled 46 extras in their innings and with the help of that, Pakistan were managed to reach a total of 317 and won the match quite easily.

04) 47: Extras, New Zealand V/S Pakistan in 1999: It the semi-final of the World Cup 1999. New Zealand batted first and managed to score 241 runs with the help of 47 extras that were given by the Pakistani bowlers mainly Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar and Saqlain Mushtaq. Though eventually, Pakistan managed to win the match.

03) 51: Extras, Zimbabwe V/S India in 1999: It was one of the disappointing match of the 1999 World Cup. Zimbabwe batted first and scored 251 runs with the help of 51 extras given by Indian bowlers. Agarkar was one of the most expensive and he gave 70 runs in 9 overs. Zimbabwe won the match by 3 runs.

02) 59: Extras, Pakistan V/S West Indies in 1989: West Indies bowling was one of the best yet they were given 59 extra runs and helped Pakistan to reach a target of 258 runs for that. 

01) 59: Extras, Pakistan V/S Scotland in 1999: It is the group stage games of 1999 World Cup, Pakistan batted first and reached a total of 261 runs with the help of 59 extra runs given by the Scotland bowlers. Pakistan achieved a total of 261 runs and won the match easily.

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