Brooke Barry Facts, Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family and Net Worth

Brooke Barry Facts, Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family and Net Worth

Brooke Barry Facts, Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family and Net Worth

Brooke Barry Facts, Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family and Net Worth


Real Name: Brooke Barry

Date of Birth: 3rd March 2001

Place of Birth: America

Nationality: American

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sun Sign: Aries

Famous For: Tik Tok Star, Social Media Influencer

Parents: Amy(Mother) 

Dating: River Taylor

Marital Status: Unmarried

Sibling: 4(Breanne, Blaize, Brynna, and Brett)


Brooke Barry is a renowned Tik Tok star, who rose to fame posting lip sync videos of celebrities on Tik Tok. Moreover, she is a social media personality, who is influencing social network namely Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and YouTube with her talent. Brooke Barry is a singer as well as a songwriter. She has bagged around 2.8 million followers on Tik Tok and about 300 thousand followers on Instagram.

When she posted her lip sync video of the song ‘Moving To New York’ sung by Twalor Swift, her video got viral instantly. 

Initially, Brooke Barry didn’t get any interest in that was used by everyone in her social network. Her sister and her cousin first introduced her to After that, she started posting videos on that. 

Brooke Barry won the heart of her followers with her viral video and since then she became a social media influencer and well-known Tik Tok user.

She is also a prominent user of Twitter and YouTube.

Brooke Barry publicized her first single ‘Wake Up’ in 2019.


On 30th March 2001, Brooke Barry was born in Florida, USA. She belongs to American nationality and white ethnicity. Her mother Amy brought up her along with the other four siblings- Blaize, Breanne, Brynna, and Brett. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

How old Is Brooke barry?

Brooke Barry is 18 years old as she was born in 2001.

Early Life of Brooke Barry

After spending 17 years in Jacksonville, Florida, Brooke Barry shifted to Nashville, Tennessee. She presently lives in Nashville, where she has bought a new apartment namely ‘Nashville Apartment’.

Initially, Brooke barry was an Instagram user. Her oldest post on Instagram dated back to 18th October 2015. She used to upload personal photos on social media. But when her video became viral and she became famous on, her Instagram profile started drawing more traffic. Now, each of her posts, personal photos, and videos get thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. Additionally, her post gets paid promotions.

Personal Life

Brooke Barry and River Taylor started dating after they met each other through his sister. River Taylor is also a social media influencer. He achieves hundreds of thousands of likes, comments, and followers.


Brooke Barry posts lip-sync videos on Tik Tok. She became famous for performing lip-syncing videos of Twalor Swift’s song. She also performed in songs like Low Beams by Gavin Haley, Love, And Fear by Felly and Gordon Ramsay by HL Wave.

She is also an active YouTube user. Her YouTube channel has won a hundred thousand subscribers. She uploads make up tips, review videos and beauty vlogs. Her popular videos on YouTube Channel named Brooke Barry are ‘How To Make Slow Motion Hair Flip Tik Tok’ and ‘How To Go Live With The New Update’.

Brooke Barry Merchandise

There is Brooke Barry Merch standard T-shirt, made in the USA. Brooke Barry T-shirts are of three colours: solid colours, heather grey, and charcoal heather. Solid colors are made of 100% cotton while heather grey coloured T-shirt is made up of 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Charcoal heather consists of 52% cotton and 48% polyester.

Body Measurements of Brooke Barry

Brooke Barry stands tall. Her height is 5 feet 1 inch. She weighs about 49kg.

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